Bourn Photography

My Life: A Photo Journal

*Photos are for personal use only, unless permission is acquired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you take pictures of Weddings, Graduations, etc.?

No, photography is a small, side paying hobby for me. This is just a portfolio of the pictures I take, available for viewing/purchase. 

Why are there watermarks/will purchased photos have watermarks?

Due to unauthorized photo usage and flat out theft, photos now have watermarks to prevent stealing. Photos that have been purchased will not have a watermark.

Can I have photos for free/cheaper? I have my own photo editor/I'll give you free exposure, etc.

No. I use my time and my equipment; Bills don't pay themselves. My photos are already ridiculously cheaper than a professional photographers. 

I don't like this photo of (subject), can you edit it and make it X, Y and/or Z. 

My photos are cheap for a reason. I do not posses the abilities, programs, time and equipment that professional photographers have to produce beautifully edited photos. You get what you pay for.